OXFAM to increase donor engagement with Digital Supporter Cards from Folio.

Folio Technologies Ltd Partners with Oxfam Italy to Launch Innovative Digital Supporters Card in Folio Digital Wallet

London, – Folio Technologies Ltd, a leading London-based technology company, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Oxfam Italy. This collaboration introduces an Oxfam digital supporters card, a pioneering initiative in the realm of charitable giving and digital innovation.

Engaging Donors via their Smartphones

The digital supporters card, accessible through the widely acclaimed Folio Digital Wallet, offers a unique opportunity for supporters. Any Oxfam supporter can get the card through a simple process on their website. This card not only symbolizes their support for Oxfam’s humanitarian causes but also keeps them informed about the impactful use of their donations.

Jorge del Prado, General Manager of Folio Technologies Ltd, expressed his enthusiasm: “We are immensely proud to collaborate with Oxfam Italy. This partnership allows us to leverage our technological expertise to assist a great cause. The digital supporters card in our Folio Digital Wallet is more than a token of appreciation; it’s a bridge connecting donors directly with the beneficiaries of their support.”

Nik Maguire, CMO of Folio, added, “The integration of Oxfam Digital Supporters Card is a testament to our commitment to innovation and social responsibility. It’s a tool that not only shows support but also serves as a continuous engagement platform, keeping donors updated and involved.”

Silvio Camilli of Oxfam Italy shared, “This is a significant step forward in digital fundraising. The potential of this tool is incredible, particularly in its capacity to send messages to donors, encouraging ongoing support and nurturing a deeper connection with our causes.”

You make a donation and receive the card at: https://www.oxfamitalia.org/?folio-widget&external-id=FUNUHYGGZBQ



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