Digital Identity For Everyone

Drive Digital Integrity and Trust

Simple, Real Time ID Verification

Citizen Registration & Identity Issuance

Secure Consumer Digital ID Wallet

Folio – enhancing digital transformation with integrity and trust through identity.

Drive transformational change

Digital identity is a key driver in digital transformation strategies for citizens, governments and businesses. The Folio platform offers a seamless, end to end identity solution that is secure, simple to use and scalable.

Transform service frameworks from process driven to user driven design

Technology services are traditionally developed from an ‘inside out’ perspective that looks at processes, system architecture and KPIs. With the Folio platform you can move to an ‘outside in’ methodology that puts user insight and measure first.

Strengthen transactional & reputational integrity

Using sovereign identity, biometrics, public/private key encryption and digital signatures, Folio delivers remote, accurate and secure identity verification in seconds, providing transactional and reputational integrity.

Bespoke, multi-functional digital identities at scale

Create and issue digital identity documents direct to users at scale, irrespective of time or location. Whether it’s a sovereign identity document, membership or loyalty card, the Folio platform allows any combination of data fields, providing total flexibility.

Build trust and integrity with Folio today.