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The power of your own app in a digital walletIssue digital documents, engage customers, and fortify your membership programs with Folio Wallet. No need to develop your own app.
Solutions for your business
Digital TicketsTicketing made easy
Instant Digital TicketsNo more paper or PDF hassle. Quick, easy access for everyone
Added ConvenienceDirections, reminders, surveys, plus food and drink deals
Push NotificationsNotify all ticket holders to changes in scheduling
Digital Membership CardsElevate membership
Streamlined RenewalsSimplify the process of renewing membership
Increase EngagementPush notifications keep members better informed
Exclusive Digital CardsCustomize card design and functionality
Charity/NGODonations and charity
Easy DonationsEnable supporters to contribute with just a tap
Increase EngagementKeep your supporters engaged via their smartphone
Direct CommunicationShare your appeals to all supporter instantly
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Using Folio Wallet vs. building your own app
Folio Wallet
Own App
success iconNo development costs, simple monthly license.
cross iconHigh development and maintenance costs.
success iconOn average Folio users open their wallet 2 times a week, keeping the engagement to your brand high!
cross iconConstant need to provide new content to keep app usage high.
Speed to Market
success iconReady to go!
cross iconDesign, development and maintenance, can take many months or years.
Security Features
success iconMilitary grade AES-256 Encryption.
cross iconDepends on the expertise of the development team and ongoing updates.
User Experience
success icon4.7 rated on the app stores, providing great user experience.
cross iconRisk of untested user interfaces that may not meet customer expectations.
success iconBuilt to handle growth, accommodating an increasing number of transactions and users.
cross iconRequires significant rework to scale up as the business grows.
success iconContinuous support and updates provided by Folio.
cross iconRequires ongoing technical support, potentially straining resources.
Why use Folio Wallet for digital cards?
Folio Wallet
Apple Wallet
Google Wallet
Card Layout
Tailored design
Pre-defined fields only
Pre-defined fields only
Push Marketing Messages
Automation sequences, broadcast campaigns at any time
Push can only be sent on card update
Push can only be sent on card update
Card Notifications
Welcome and expiry notifications
1 welcome and 1 Expiry
Card Functionality
3rd Party paid service required
3rd Party paid service required
Our features
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Rich notifications offer 6x the open rate of emails.
Streamline onboarding and renewals
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Increase donations for fundraising.
section imageID Verification online and offline.
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