Digital Membership Cards: Powering Engagement and Modernising Membership Organisations

As we continue to evolve in the digital era, more and more organisations are leveraging technology to improve their operations, engage their members, and provide value-added services. Among the most transformative tools available to these organisations are digital membership cards. In this article, we explore how digital membership cards enhance engagement, streamline renewals, enable ticketing and rewards, and promote efficient communication through push notifications.

Common Questions

We believe passionately in protecting your privacy, and we’re on a mission to make the management of identity safer, and simpler, for everyone. 

When you digitize your information into your Folio wallet, it is encrypted and stored in a digital vault on, and ONLY on, your phone, making it safe from server hacks, data breaches and misuse by third parties.

You are always, in control of the data in your wallet. Your explicit consent is required before sharing anything with any person, organization or government department.

Well, the possibilities are almost endless, but let’s start somewhere:

• Securely store verified digital copies of your identity documents so they are always with you
• Digitize your bank cards, loyalty cards and membership cards into your wallet
• Save hours of administration by safely retrieving your data anywhere
• Then pack light, leave your cards at home
• Receive digital identity documents and cards, issued by an expanding list of organizations, directly to your Folio wallet
• Exchange data safely with the highest security standards when you explicitly consent to any such request
• Share the minimum viable data, like your age rather than a photo of an identity document containing your date of birth and address if it is not needed
• Maintain a detailed audit record of all identity sharing activities and requests
• Any loyalty, membership or gift card with a scannable image, like a barcode or QR code will work just like the plastic card

This would not be possible with Folio. 

When you set up your Folio wallet you go through a series of simple, rigorous steps to ensure that you are, in fact, you.  You take a selfie, pass a liveness check, and then Folio uses the most advanced facial recognition software, biometrics and AI to ensure that the user in that instant is absolutely, unquestionably the owner of the identity documents.

No worries, do not panic! Firstly, your wallet can only be accessed by you, using your own unique PIN number, touch ID (when enabled) or selfie.  If somebody tries to guess your PIN, the only way the account can be unlocked is a biometric selfie match.

The data in your Folio wallet is encrypted with the highest level of security, so even if it sophisticated hacker nicks your handset, your wallet will be completely useless to the bad guy.

When you find your phone or a get a replacement, you have two options:

• If you have backed up your previous Folio wallet then you will be able to restore from the backup in seconds (after validating your identity of course). All Folio back-ups use the same comprehensive encryption, so a cloud hack is as useless as a phone hack! This process will also automatically delete your previous wallet.
• If you’ve not backed up, simply follow the installation process and when you verify your ID, you will be advised of a duplicate identity – a new account will be set up for you and your previous account will be permanently deleted.

It is critical to Folio’s mission that we are unable to attribute any user-level, private data. Your data is your data, we have no ambition, nor motivation, to compromise your privacy or your control.

Like many other apps, we collect anonymous, aggregated data about app usage to help us prioritise improvements to Folio. This data is solely used by our internal analytics, shared with no 3rd party ever and is entirely unattributable to you.

For more information please see our privacy policy.