A day in the life with Folio: Jorge del Prado, General Manager

Can you introduce yourself?

I’m Jorge del Prado, the General Manager at Folio and an avid user of the Folio wallet.

How has Folio changed the way you manage your cards and documents?

My Folio wallet currently houses 109 cards and documents, predominantly IDs, Documents, Loyalty & Membership cards. I categorise them for practicality, and my philosophy is simple, I store every card and essential document in Folio. This approach has been a game-changer, eliminating frantic Sunday afternoons spent searching for crucial documents needed on Monday mornings.

How has Folio assisted you in your day-to-day life?

Folio has become an indispensable part of my personal life. By adding letters that need my attention and contain critical dates to Folio, I’ve successfully organised various aspects of my life. This includes managing medical appointments, school letters, insurance certificates, and all essential paper or digital documents. 

Folio has become a convenient hub, allowing me to keep track of vital information such as NHS numbers, insurance details, and even sentimental items like notes from my daughter. The ability to set up expiration reminders means I  stay proactive and never miss a renewal deadline.

I extended the utility of Folio to my family, assisting them in storing our shared personal documents. Ensuring that even less security-conscious members, such as my teenagers, use Folio for safeguarding their identity and important documents is crucial for me. It significantly reduces stress knowing their information is secure.

Could you walk us through how you use Folio?

I stay on top of renewal dates for official documents like my Driving License, ID card, or Passport, thanks to Folio’s timely reminders. Once I scanned my documents into Folio using the camera, I simply enabled notifications and set up two timely expiry alerts – one a week prior and another a day before.

Planning travel arrangements for my family is now a simple task, made possible by the readily available copies of their passports. From  booking tickets or completing the flight check-in,  the ability to swiftly copy in one-click all their passport numbers and names, guarantees a quick and stress-free experience.

My growing collection of Spain and UK  loyalty and membership cards is now all digital —just select the brand and capture the physical card. I never miss out on rewards or discounts anymore, and I no longer have to carry around all those cards which has significantly reduced the size of my wallet.

Could you share your experience with Folio in just one sentence?

Folio has evolved into more than just a wallet for me; it’s a digital companion. I have developed a habit of checking Folio first for documents and cards, and adding any new ones I find at home.



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