Trust. Privacy. Identity. Convenience.

As our lives, relationships and businesses have moved online so have our identities. Folio provides trust and certainty of identity, through services for business, governments and consumers.

Digital Identity Growth

The worldwide adoption of Smartphones has created a boom in Biometric Identity Verification (IDv). The predicted Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of Mobile Wallet users is set to be worth $340bn by 2026*. IDv is replacing password protection and bringing greater levels of trust and certainty to online transactions, IDv is the 'killer app' for the internet of trust.


Europe - Mobile Wallet CAGR


US - Mobile Wallet CAGR


APAC - Mobile Wallet CAGR

A world built on identity!

Business Solutions

Folio Identity Verification as a Service (IDVaaS) helps businesses provide services such as: KYC/AML, Account Authorization, Building Access and Employee Credential Issuance.

Folio Digital Idenity Platform

The Folio Digital Identity Platform is a suite of services built around 3 core offerings: Issuance, Secure Storage and Identity Verification Services

Digital Issuance


Issuance of unique and highly secure digital cards that are natively stored in Folio wallet and linked biometrically to the rightful holder.

Consumer Facing

Fully configurable design, user friendly and always ready to be presented, even if the user is offline.


Cards include a QR code that can be easily verified with a smartphone camera. To enter an event, demonstrate Covid status, access a museum etc.

IDV Services

Liveness verification

ISO certified liveness verification to be sure you are dealing with a real human being.

Face matching

Highly accurate face matching engine to link the user with their documents and verify you are always dealing with the same person.

Document verification.

Document capture and verification, with a library of more than 9000 documents.

ePassport ready

Our solution can directly read information from the chip in your passport and verify cryptographically the content. Highly secure for both users and relying parties.


Your users can verify their identity using a laptop, tablet, or smartphone with the ability to switch from one device to another seamlessly.

Secure Storage Services


All your cards in one place, classified and ready to be checked or verified. You can store digital copies of your physical cards and digitally issued cards as your vaccination digital record.


Only you can access your cards as Folio secure storage is biometrically protected to give access only to the rightful owner.


Your data is only stored in your own wallet and protected with your own cryptographic keys. Personal data is only shared when and if the user wants.

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