Folio White Papers

The Identity Revolution

As the world moves traditional services online, knowing and proving identity is critical for trust and adoption of services. This 23-page white paper is the perfect introduction to understanding how the identity revolution will benefit citizens, governments, and businesses.

Digital Identity – Who Cares?

Knowing your customer is not only a requirement for financial services but a foundation for online growth. This white paper shines a light on digital identity and why it is something your business should care about.

Health Credentials

The Covid-19 pandemic is driving mobile wallet adoption for the storage, issuance, and retrieval of health credentials from vaccination certificates to test results. See how Folio is leading the way with secure and private health credentials.

Age Verification

Protecting minors online from adult services or restricted products falls not only on parents but on governments, businesses, and vendors. Digital identity verification holds the key to safety and compliance online.