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Install the Folio Wallet onto your smartphone for security and peace of mind

Whatever you're into,
get into your Folio Wallet

Be mobile, Be organised, Be your 'digital you'

Leave the identity cards, membership and bank cards at home. Your free Folio digital wallet securely digitizes all your plastic in seconds, accessible only by you, anywhere you take your phone.

Take a selfie

You might have done this before, but this time it creates a biometric key to access your digital wallet and unlock services.

Scan your ID and Cards

Folio matches your selfie to your photo ID, verifies it’s yours, and digitizes your plastic. It then encrypts everything into a secure, private vault on your smartphone.

You’ve set your wallet up, now you are good to go…

One Tap: View

A quick biometric check and retrieve all of your data, all of your cards and documents. Wherever you are - whatever you are doing.

One Tap: Share

Share with people and organizations you trust and get access to services and content you love.

Unless you explicitly consent, no other party can see your data other than you. Not Folio, Not your bank, Not Facebook….

Looking out for your privacy

Folio can't see inside your wallet. Nobody can, except you.

Your data is safely stored in an encrypted vault on your phone

Advanced biometrics lets you in and keeps others out.

If you ever consent to share data, it's only them who'll see it

How it works

Ditch your plastic

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