Trust is won or lost in the critical process of identity verification.

You need to trust every identity has been properly asserted, proven and rigorously scrutinised. Remote eIDV (electronic identity verification) is fast becoming the norm for customer onboarding and ongoing authentication, and it’s where 45% of customer abandonment occurs due the abundance of friction, and lack of user trust in many such processes.

How can the balance of fraud avoidance and successful conversion be struck?

Folio delivers a fully automated, digital eIDV process across mobile and web, verifying over 90% of identities first time, in less than 30 seconds.

With eIDV technology this accurate and fast, why would manual verification be required at all – apart from to manage the exceptions? In benchmark tests Folio has outperformed human-assisted verification proving facial recognition AI is more reliable than a human expert.

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Other digital eIDV providers have managed to automate some of the journey, but unnatural requests of the user, repetition and false positives have mired the results. Folio enables organisations to onboard 30% more ‘good’ customers in 1/5th of the time, because of a unique blend of facial image processing, fully optimised document scanning and passive liveness detection.

The most powerful self-learning, biometric algorithms* ensure Folio delivers the most precise facial recognition.

Folio identifies even the most sophisticated ID fraudster by analysing hundreds of data points from their facial biometrics alongside the only 'passive' streaming liveness verification.

This process is unnoticeable to the user, foiling a wide range of ID fraud techniques.

Already fully compliant with the highest international standard in this field – ISO 30107-3, Folio continues to adapt, with deep learning tuning the system constantly, improving accuracy and speed with every cycle.

For five years we have refined our own unique, real-time approach to the onboarding journey – keeping the user engaged and guided throughout, and locking down suspected fraud attempts as soon as they arise. Other technologies work differently, in a ‘collect, batch and process’ waterfall that frustrates users often demanding repeat actions and allowing bad actors time to adapt their approach.

Folio’s document capture is the first of its kind to use multi-frame, camera maximisation technology, which means more pixels and multiple images are made available to the engine to evaluate the finer details of every card and document. Processed in milliseconds, 99% of cards are digitised, first time, even in the most challenging light conditions.

*Proven by the latest independent testing of face recognition – including the advanced research projects activity (IARPA) and face recognition prize challenge (FRPC)

Market leading likeness and liveness validation to establish trusted identity

Innovative document capturing and authenticity validation