Give Your Members More! With Folio Digital Membership Cards

Whether you’re a Sports Club, Governing Body, Charity or other Membership Organisation, keeping members connected is the lifeblood of the organisation, now using The World’s Most Loved Digital Wallet you can interact with your members in new and dynamic ways!

Access Next Generation Membership Services and Ditch Plastic Cards!

Provide new and existing members with your own Digital Membership Cards and increase your membership count, services and revenue.

Membership Cards on a SmartPhone!

Folio is a secure Digital Wallet for all SmartPhones, rated the highest of its kind on the App Stores.  Unlike OS based wallets, Folio comes with a host of features to identify, grow and monazite your membership base, with the added assurance that big tech isn't accessing our selling your data!

Digital Membership Card Services

Financial Growth Benefits

"We can contact our 800,000 members instantly, with over 90% open rates!"

Sports Body

"As a registered UK charity we have been able to significantly increase donations from our members with a 25% uplift in donations using the Cards Gift-Aid function"

UK Cultural Charity

"We were constantly looking for new ways to increase our audience. Folio introduced us into their Digital Wallet and we instantly saw a 300% increase in new memberships!"

Live Streaming Community

Add voting to digital membership cards for greater community engagement

✅ Members Voting Platform

Folio originated from the worlds's largest digital voting company, running national elections in dozens of countries, with this rich heritage Folio has a robust voting platform enabling members to vote remotely

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