Deploy cloud-based Biometric Identity Services for greater customer experience and improved security.

Why restrict the benefits of biometric identity services to the customer onboarding journey?

Deploying Identity Verification as a Service (IDVaaS) improves the whole customer lifecycle experience and protects against account takeover fraud.

Account Takeover Fraud (ATF) is one of the fastest growing online crimes

Account Takeover Fraud is growing at an alarming rate. With consumers fatigued using traditional password-based security, criminals are now leveraging automation and bots to exploit account access and overrun trust and safety teams.

Identity Fraud losses reached $16.9b in 2019 with irreparable reputational damage created between affected companies and their victims.

E-commerce is the primary target: 61% of consumers who confirmed being victims of ATO attacks said their e-commerce accounts were hacked.

The following sectors show the percentage of users who have reported ATO attacks:


0 %

Social Media

0 %

Financial Services

0 %

Online Dating Sites

0 %

Travel Sites

0 %


Folio IDVaaS acts as a fortress around your services enabling fast and frictionless access for customers using any smartphone, tablet or laptop

Fortify your security defenses through world-class digital identity verification and biometric services countering ATF attacks.

Leverage the one-time KYC / AML onboarding process throughout a user's lifecycle to meet growing marketplace expectations.

With Folio, the UX and Security benefits of Biometric Identity Services are not limited to customer onboarding (KYC & AML) but enhance the entire customer lifecycle...

Folio IDVaaS enables you to integrate state of the art Digital Identity Services quickly and securely into your existing systems.

The Folio Client Portal provides a single-window into the entire IDVaaS system providing advanced reporting and real-time monitoring.

With over 9,000 government and photo id documents supported, upgrades included and the highest levels of ID assurance with ISO 27001 and SOC2 Type II compliance, Folio provides you with a future-proof roadmap and assurance.

Folio is dedicated to improving the customer experience by enabling IDVaaS on any smart device including laptops and PC’s ensuring users can access your services regardless of their location or device.

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