Transformational Government putting the Citizen at the Centre

Improve government and citizen interactions with trust-based technology for greater efficiency, cost reduction and global competative advantage.

Move beyond citizen website portals to trust-based identity verification (IDV) services.

Website portals over the last decade have helped to improve government interactions with citizens.

From driving licence renewal to the payment of taxes, many governments have seen the benefits of digitization. But there are still many inefficiencies: The need to issue passwords; reliance on paper documents and complex integrations with legacy systems.

Folio can help governments move beyond portals and implement new biometric-based IDV services, enabling greater levels of trusted interactions with the citizen.

Where Estonia leads the way globally in e-government, it is easy to see that with the growth and adoption of biometric IDV on smartphones and in finanical services that citizens are rapidly accepting this trust-based-technology.

Use Gov Id regularly

Consumers who prefer
to use Biometrics

Global Consumer Biometrics Market
CAGR 2020-2025

Consumer willingness to adopt

Source: Research and Markets

With such rapid acceptance and adoption of new trust-based systems. Folio and its parent company Smartmatic are helping governments across the world to gain a global competitive through trust-based techologies.

Digital ID

Remove paper and plastic ID cards and issue direct to citizen


Issue digital vaccination and test certificates for freedom of movement

Decentralised Identity

Tackle ID fraud and crime through smart biometrics

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