Digital Identity is the foundation for delivering Government e-services.

From healthcare, and taxation to voting and service provision a strategy based on digital identity enables governments to create online services to meet the expectations of a modern society.

Once a platform for digital identification is created it opens the way for public-private partnerships to be built in areas such as banking, transport, and education all of which can lead to increase efficiency, new revenue streams, and improve national productivity levels.

Digital Identity is the cornerstone for progressive public, private partnerships.

Government-led initiatives that create secure and pervasive digital credentials have been shown in countries such as Singapore and Estonia, to drive innovation, productivity, and increase the speed of service delivery. This has worked for vaccine credentials, e-voting, and even tax fraud reduction.

The Singapore Government developed a National Digital Identity (NDI) platform which provides increased convenience and security for citizens when transacting online. As the trusted actor in transactions, the government is able to generate incremental revenues when providing access for partners to the NDI. Estonia has rolled out over 5000 e-services and continues to see significant citizen engagement with these services.

Use Gov Id regularly

Consumers who prefer
to use Biometrics

Global Consumer Biometrics Market
CAGR 2020-2025

Consumer willingness to adopt

"When public-private partnerships are at their best they are frictionless, trusted, and efficient."


The trusted body to provide e-services to citizens and partners.

Private Partnerships

Companies reduce the risks of fraud when transacting with citizens due to Government-backed ID services.


The citizen has the convenience of government services without the barriers of geography or demands on local office accessibility

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