Issue and Store Health Credentials Securely and Efficiently with Folio

Health credentials are essential components for enabling freedom of movement and reducing viral transmission, however, they are usually issued on paper or card and are not ideally suited for carrying, privacy or security.

Folio enables the digitization, issuance, and storage of health credentials on a Smartphone for maximum convenience, portability, and security.

The rise of the digital wallet

Digital wallet adoption rate in 2020, globally, was estimated to be 50-55 percent and is expected to increase to 75 percent by 2025.

Today many smartphone users opt to use digital wallets for a safe and secure alternative to traditional ways of carrying storecards, government identity documents, bank cards, and increasingly their healthcare credentials.

Following the Covid pandemic health professionals and citizens alike are looking at more robust ways to issue, retrieve and display health credentials.

Digital Wallet
Adoption Rate (by 2025)


The Folio Smart Wallet acts as a secure vault for storing health credentials. Health credentials are accessed using biometrics such as a selfie, ensuring only the registered individual can access their data. Approved partners can also issue credentials directly to an individual's Smart Wallet via the Folio API.


Health Credentials can be issued to a Smartphone and stored securely inside the Folio Smart Wallet for quick and easy access anywhere. This removes the need for traditional paper documents, reducing forgery, damage, or accidental loss of paper credentials.


A 3rd party official can scan QR codes embedded in health credentials to verify them. The combination of in-personal biometric identification and confirmation by scanning the QR code creates trust and certainty in the health credentials.

Example of API integration with a health care provider

Download Folio Health Credentials White Paper


Folio Health Wallet For Laboratories

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