Age Verification: When Certainty Matters!

Protect your business with Age Verification from Folio!

Online sales have grown beyond all expectations with age-restricted goods including computer games, movies, alcohol, tobacco, and medicines playing a significant part.

Naturally, there is now greater scrutiny from regulators, governments, the press, and consumer watchdogs to ensure those not of legal age are unable to access these restricted goods.

Internet Access For Minors

From social media to smartphones the number of children with access to internet services is staggering.
In the United Kingdom for example:

15 year olds with Smartphones

12 year olds with Social Media

8-12's watch online video daily

Folio secure age verification platform matches facial biometrics with government-approved ID for reliable verification of age.

Providing your business and customers with frictionless age verification. Creating high levels of certainty and accuracy for selling age-restricted goods or adult content.

Digital Identity verification is the perfect solution for online shopping, clubs, bars, and retailers to stay compliant with age-related regulations and to ensure the integrity of all transactions.

Age Verification Features: