Home Management made simple with Folio

Ever feel like your home management is a massive chore? Well, meet Folio – here to make safeguarding and managing household documents quick and simple!

Protecting vital household documents from fire, theft. With Folio, you can take proactive steps by securely backing up crucial documents, ensuring they are safe and accessible whenever you need them.

Here are the key documents that you should consider storing securely digitally:

1. Birth Certificates

Your family’s foundational document deserves a secure home. Folio allows you to store and organise birth certificates in one centralised location. No more frantically searching through drawers – access them instantly when needed.

2. Marriage Certificates

Celebrate the union of love by keeping your marriage certificates safe and sound in Folio. Easily retrieve this essential document whenever required, whether for legal matters or sentimental reflections.

3. Medical Insurance

Health is wealth, and so are your medical insurance documents. Have peace of mind knowing you can access them swiftly during medical emergencies or routine check-ups.

4. Property Deeds

Whether you’re renting or own your home, property deeds and documents are invaluable to keep safe and easily accessible. With Folio, you gain a secure space to safeguard your property deeds, and alleviate the stress associated with paper mess.

5. Utility Bills

Say goodbye to cluttered drawers filled with utility bills. Folio allows you to organise and store utility bills conveniently. Retrieve past bills,  or track current ones and account numbers to kick-start your home management process.

Folio empowers you to take control of your home management. With a secure backup for essential documents, you can confidently navigate the complexities of household paperwork. From birth certificates to property deeds, Folio is your key to a more organised and secure home. 



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