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Folio Mobile Health Passports helping verify status and enable safe movement.

Eradicate plastic cards
and embrace digital efficiency

Let the citizen manage their identity, transform your operating model around them

Digital issuance

Ditch the plastic, slash your costs

Frictionless Journeys

Make digital convenience your policy

Decentralised Identity

Tackle ID fraud, embrace smart biometrics

20 years delivering digital identity solutions across the globe
5 billion transactions processed
0 security breaches

Process Flow


A Platform Overview

High adoption of digital ID with the right principles and policies could help achieve 6% economic value equivalent of GDP per typical emerging economy.
1 lack legallyrecognized ID Billion people have ID but cannot use it on digital channels 3.4
Costs of using identities willapproachin an open, digital identity network ZERO Source: Open Identity Exchange 2019
90% Source: McKinsey Global Institute potential reduction in customer onboarding costs by using digital ID-enabled processes
potential reduction in payroll fraud in emerging economies 20%
CONSUMERS WANT TO TAKE BACK CONTROL OF THEIR IDENTITY of Americans want to do more to protect their online activities and personal information 84% don't know how... 43% Source :
CONSUMERS ARE CONCERNED ABOUT PRIVACY 90% 49% of Americans believe it's important for companies to give customers control of how their personal data is used of Americans believe it's absolutely essential for companies to give customers control of how their personal data is used of consumers are more concerned about how companies use their data 81% think companies should be more heavily regulated on personal data management 87%

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