How to sign in?

Signing in is a crucial step to ensure the safety and accessibility of your data across devices.

  1. Open your Folio app and select Sign In
  2. Sign In with your Email, and you will receive a verification code to the email address you entered.
  3. Paste the Verification code into Folio.
  4. You account should now be displayed as Signed In. This means you can now access Folio from all of your devices, simply by logging in again.
  5. Setup Recovery Code in case you forget your email and password and need to recover your account.

For existing Folio users upgrading to Folio 2.0: Your current documents and cards will seamlessly transfer during the new update.

⚠️ Please be aware that if you use Folio without signing in, your cards and documents will not benefit from access from any device!

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