Covid credentials and how to preserve a ‘chain of trust’

Trust is everything in life. The most important decisions in life are based on trusting someone or something. This is especially difficult when trust needs to be established quickly or between two parties that haven’t met before. In this case, keeping the chain of trust is key.  Consider forensic evidence at a crime scene, it […]

Is your office a ghost town? Then it’s time to open your doors to new ideas!

Will we ever go back to using cities and offices the same way after the pandemic? This is the question headlining many business periodicals, property magazines, and city lifestyle supplements. Though it’s not just the exodus from cities driving change, perhaps a whole new workplace culture is emerging. Recently floated Coinbase and close rival Binance […]

What is your NFT marketing strategy? (Yes, now you need one of these!)

“The way everybody in business needs a Social Media account to be relevant in 2021, is the same way in 2025 that everybody is going to need an NFT strategy”. Gary Vaynerchuck. ‘What, wait, hold on a second, an NFT strategy, NFT WTF! We just nailed Linkedin!’ I hear you! So what is this latest […]

Is the core of Apple Health sour?

In 450 BC the king Artaxerxes of Persia sent his cupbearer Nehemiah on an important trip. In order to grant safe passage the King gave him a letter, on which was addressed “to the governors beyond the river”. The king was requesting safe passage as Nehemiah travelled through their distant lands, creating the first ever […]