Digital fundraising is as easy as 1 2 3 with Folio.

by Nik Maguire

Increasing donations is as easy as 1,2,3

There is little doubt that Just Giving, Go-Fund-Me and other online donation platforms have transformed the landscape of fundraising forever.

GoFundMe has transacted over $9b for charities and good causes alone!

Yet, these donating platforms create new challenges: Transaction fees; Competition for donors attention and lack of control over messaging to name a few.

Many organisations would like the benefits of digital fundraising but without the "middle man" between them and their patrons... Well with Folio Wallet, they can!

The 3 'D's' of Digital Fundraising With Folio

1. Download - Your Digital Membership Card

With Folio, there is no technology development required.  Your donors simply download the TOP RATED Folio Digital Wallet from the App Store (via your website).

Your branded digital membership card is stored inside the Digital Wallet.  This digital membership card is customizable with personalised information, secure messaging and digital payment/fundraising capability.

2. Digital Identity Verification

The power of Folio Digital Wallet is the security and simplicity it brings to you and your patrons.  Just as with physical wallets, Digital Wallets can store bank cards, ID documents and membership cards and can only be accessed with the unique biometric data of the owner (selfies and fingerprints).

When members need to access their membership card they can find it instantly on their Smartphone inside the Folio Digital Wallet. Stored alongside regularly accessed personal documents such as bank cards and ID keeps your brand closely associated with high priority activities such as banking and travel.

3. Donate

Within the Folio Digital Wallet, your organization is able to send personalise reminders, subscription and communications directly to each registered individual. You can request payments and donations directly from within the App.

Helping to identify larger donors where appropriate and giving valuable customized experiences to your doners about: funds raised; important issues or emergency appeals. Keeping them connected directly to your organization like never before.

To learn more about The Folio Digital Wallet and how it could be adopted into your organization click here.

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