Digital Membership Cards: Powering Engagement and Modernising Membership Organisations

As we continue to evolve in the digital era, more and more organisations are leveraging technology to improve their operations, engage their members, and provide value-added services. Among the most transformative tools available to these organisations are digital membership cards. In this article, we explore how digital membership cards enhance engagement, streamline renewals, enable ticketing and rewards, and promote efficient communication through push notifications.

British Bank Awards 2022 Keynote Speech Summary!

In May 2022 Folio sponsored the British Bank Awards where Monzo picked up the highly coveted award of Best British Bank. The evening of celebration was opened by Folio founder Antonio Mugica and newly appointed Executive Director, Ricky Knox who previously founded Tandem Bank and Azimo, they both gave an outline about the future of […]

British Bank Awards 2022 – Sponsored by Folio

On Thursday 5 May, Folio sponsored the British Bank Awards 2022, which was held at the Sheraton Hotel Park Lane, London. Folio Chairman, Antonio Mugica opened the awards with a keynote speech on the identity revolution which is taking place, joined onstage with Folio’s latest Non Executive Director, Ricky Knox, (founder of Tandem Bank and […]

Now your Passport can help you safely travel online.

For many, the passport has long been the apex of personal identity, a safely guarded document which only ever sees the light of day at airport check-in lounges and immigration control. But the advent of remote banking has driven a new type of passport use: that of proving your identity remotely, often by matching the […]

Is Porn ushering in a new Tech-Revolution… of freedom?

Adult Age Verification

UK legislation to require age verification for adult sitesThe road to the mass adoption of the internet was paved with scandal, criminality and of course sleaze. No other phenomenon in history has brought about such rapid adoptions in technology than pornography. From the printing press to the celluloid revolution from bulletin boards to the dark […]

Is your office a ghost town? Then it’s time to open your doors to new ideas!

Will we ever go back to using cities and offices the same way after the pandemic? This is the question headlining many business periodicals, property magazines, and city lifestyle supplements. Though it’s not just the exodus from cities driving change, perhaps a whole new workplace culture is emerging. Recently floated Coinbase and close rival Binance […]

What is your NFT marketing strategy? (Yes, now you need one of these!)

“The way everybody in business needs a Social Media account to be relevant in 2021, is the same way in 2025 that everybody is going to need an NFT strategy”. Gary Vaynerchuck. ‘What, wait, hold on a second, an NFT strategy, NFT WTF! We just nailed Linkedin!’ I hear you! So what is this latest […]