Folio Wallet

App Store and Google Play 4.7 Star Rated

& Organise

Folio wallet will easily show you which cards and papers you can store, helping you stay organised with all your essentials.

Protect from Fire, Theft & Loss

Add precious household documents, including: Birth & Marriage Certificates; Insurance Documents and Wills, for a peace of mind.

Renew on time

Receive expiry alerts for important documents including Passport and Driver’s License. New expiration timeline for better planning.

Enhanced Security

Folio wallet is fortified with military grade security with each card individually encrypted. Only you can view your cards. 

Scan, Organise & Retrieve

All your
physical cards and household documents
in one place. 

Spend 5 minutes adding cards to Folio and...

Travel with ease

Hotel and flight check-in from any location, hassle-free, with your passport in Folio.

Shop with benefits

Never miss rewards points, scan your Loyalty cards in-store. With Gift card alerts you’ll never miss out again. 

Household management made simple

Secure important documents, including birth certificates, medical insurance, and property deeds, in organised categories.

Travel with ease

Hotel and flight check-in from any location, hassle-free, with your securely backed digital passport.

Shop with more rewards

Never miss rewards points! Present your Loyalty cards in-store to collect points in Starbucks, Costco, IKEA and more. 

Household management made simple

Take steps to protect vital household documents such as birth certificates, medical insurance, and property deeds by creating a secure backup.

Discover the categories in Folio

With Folio categories you can easily view and find your important cards and household documents. 

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Big news – Folio 2.0 is here! Folio 2.0 brings new features to help you organise better, when travelling, shopping or managing your home. Carry


Folio wallet is an app that conveniently secures, organises and retrieves your Driver’s License, Loyalty cards, Membership cards, Passport, and more – all in one place.

Your data is safeguarded with end-to-end encryption, only you can access. With secure access to your wallet through personal email and passwords, Face/Touch ID, enabling automatic cloud storage. Learn More

  1. Open the Folio App and click on the ‘+’ button in the top right hand corner (iPhone) or “+ Add Document” lower right hand corner (Android) of the screen.
  2. Scroll through and select from the list of categories to start digitising your wallet and household documents.
  3. Add your card or document to Folio using a picture from your photo gallery by selecting ‘Choose Photo’ or ‘Scan Document,’ use your smartphone camera.
  4. Customise the default colour by opening the card, accessing the card menu (three dots in the top right corner of the card screen), and selecting Edit.
  5. Add additional fields to manually include more details – everything is ready!

Folio wallet sets itself apart from other wallet apps by managing not only your cards but also your travel and household documents.

How to get Folio?